As a mother, I can see that this generation is completely different from my generation. With the inception of gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, and tablets, my kids have turned into digital hermits. Instead of playing in the park with their friends, I find them curled up in bed with their faces glued unto their mobile devices.

Disturbed, I did my research to see if this behavior is normal and I discovered that according to studies, only one in three children are physically active and I also found that less than fifty percent of kids spend time engaging in sports or any other activity that requires movement. And based on several other types of research, teens and children spend an average of seven hours a day on their phones, TV and other electronic devices. This is unhealthy, not only is it bad for their eyesight, it also makes kids gain weight due to inactivity. Weight gain may seem harmless at this point but when your kids are obese, they will likely become obese when they get older.

The question millions of parents like myself want to know is how can you get your kids to be more active? Surely, nagging them to get out of their rooms is ineffective because I tried that a thousand times. After becoming too frustrated, I did my research. I spent time researching about ways to encourage them and here’s what I discovered.

  1.     Find a fun activity that they will be interested in

My six-year-old son loves basketball and I know this because that’s what he watches on TV. Since we don’t have a basketball court in our backyard I thought I’d buy him the best moveable basketball goals in the mall. I wasn’t sure what basketball goal to get so I researched again and read a review of the best in ground basketball goals until I found what I was looking for. Lo and behold, it worked! He now spends thirty minutes a day playing with his moveable basketball goal. It was tricky but you just have to be patient and study what their interests are and once you find them, be creative.

  1.     Discuss it with your doctor

Pediatricians are experts in childcare making them the perfect persons to ask. Schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor about what they can suggest regarding activities that are appropriate for your child.

  1.     Choose activities that are age-appropriate

Obviously, if you have a six-year-old boy, they would find jogging boring and no matter how much prodding you do, they won’t do it. Instead, choose activities that are appropriate for their age such as bicycling, swimming or soccer.

  1.     Set some rules

If your child spends so much time watching TV, hide the remote. This may sound cruel but if you think about it, it really is for their benefit. You don’t have to punish them by not letting them watch at all but you can limit the time they spend using the TV. The same goes for other electronic devices. Give them a schedule and make sure they stick to it. If they won’t, turn off the Wi-Fi. It’s really about finding ways.

If you care about your kids’ welfare, I suggest you find ways to make them more active. For other health tips, visit

The health industry is a huge and old one that acknowledges the significance of innovation, like streamlined processes on digital platforms. As we learn about neuropathy and how to deal with it, the medical industry is incessantly advancing the space with technology. What is the future of neuropathy and technology? The following are some of the health trends to watch as they can be big in 2018:


Data and Analytics

Medical firms are now using much data which can let them learn more about their neuropathy patients or model the risk factors pertinent to a given procedure. For instance, data can give medical practitioners an idea of a patient’s estimated recovery time or how someone will likely be readmitted to the hospital. Looking at data from the past can make medical personnel anticipate the future, such as being able to identify what may happen next. A patient may be identified as being high risk for a procedure based on the history of neuropathy, a conclusion reached after looking at information about patients with similar cases.

For example, the web cloud-based mobile platform Pulse does patient follow up after the latter had gone through a surgical procedure to make sure he or she is recovering well. If the app asks a patient after a hip surgery if his wound is dry and he answers “no,” he will then be automatically re-stratified to be a high risk of hip infection even if he was low risk prior to the surgery.


Digital Interventions

People with neuropathy are among those who have benefited from modern technology, such as applying digital interventions to seek track everything from a patient’s sleep pattern to his treatment. The intervention is geared towards improving patient outcomes and fix acute or chronic problems. Digital interventions are supported by insurance companies as treatments can have higher success rates and reduce patient readmissions. Kaiser Permanente and Humana significantly invest in these.


New Model Insurance Firms

The new-model insurers have captured a bit of capital funding such as Clover Health and Oscar who raised $425 million and $725 million, respectively. Startups that are insurance-focused raised over $700 million. Even traditional insurers opened the possibility that tech-insurance startups will use more technology and control costs. The new-model insurers claim to be driven by data and tech to come up with decisions and enhance the patient experience.


Provider-Centered Solutions

Healthcare providers are constantly faced with massive documentation which results to squeezed margins. More patient documentation is an added cost depending on the way they manage it. They do more but receive less money per procedure per patient.

For instance, a doctor who sees patients also gets their history while in front of the computer and document the information he collects. This is a necessary procedure for efficiency – something that needs to be done while he seeks to maximize doctor-patient relationship. As the doctor tries to learn about his neuropathy patient, documentation can be a disruption and hinder doctor-patient encounter.

There is a need for a solution for documentation overload to streamline practices so that physicians can give full attention to their patients. One of the ways the documentation overload problem is currently managed through a scribe, a contracted employee who documents doctor and patient interaction. However, having a scribe can be expensive and many medical providers cannot support it.

Some people do not spend too much time in skin care while some would spend time and money to take care of it. If you belong to the former, it’s better to think twice again because not paying attention to your skin leads to future damage to your skin.

When you don’t remove your makeup, breakouts and inflammation of pores occur. Your dead skins will be trapped also if you don’t remove your makeup. If you go out frequently, there’s a bigger chance that the air pollutants stick to your makeup — the dirt stays on your skin. You may also acquire long-term damage such as wrinkles, eczema and rosacea if you don’t remove your makeup.

To avoid such damaging effects on your skin, it’s better that you practice basic cleansing every day. It will help your skin glow and healthy.


Basic Skin Care

The basic skin care procedure that you can do is to wash your face. Generally speaking, it’s better to wash your face twice a day or less if washing twice makes your skin drier. It’s not enough that you remove your makeup to avoid acne and enlarged pores. You must wash your face. Another benefit of washing is that it avoids infection and abrasion of the skin.

Apart from washing, you must also moisturize your skin. Moisturizers create a barrier for the skin so that any chemicals in your makeup will not cause permanent damage to your skin. When you moisturize, you’re decreasing the chance of premature aging of the skin.

However, if you already have skin problems, you must start treating it right now before it leads to serious problems in the future. Here are some of the common skin problems and the treatment you must do.



The most popular acne treatment for mild acne includes salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, adapalene and tea tree oil. These are available in local drugstores you can buy it without the doctor’s prescription. However, don’t forget to moisturize when you treat your skin. These treatments can make your skin to be more sensitive.

Moles Removal

Moles removal depends on the condition of your skin. You may not remove it if does not give discomfort to you. However, if you want to remove it for cosmetic reasons, it’s not a problem. However, don’t remove your moles by yourself, hire a professional to do it.

Getting rid of moles on the skin can be done in several procedures such cutting it off, freezing it using a liquid nitrogen and burning it off. The procedures can hurt you but these are the effective treatments you can have.

But if you have plans to do it by yourself, it’s better to think again. Home remedies can lead to infection and scarring. It will only worsen the condition of your skin. It’s still the best practice to set an appointment to a doctor so that the mole condition can be checked. It will also avoid complication and future problems in your mole and skin.

What will you do if you find out that the only drug to treat your disease is available miles away from your homeland? Are you willing to risk the cost of traveling abroad although unsure if it’s worth a try? If you are in need of cheaper lenses for high myopia or your life’s at risk or your entire family need serious medical attention, it is worth it. Now, you may be asking how you can benefit from medical tourism with less hassle. Below are the tips you must keep in mind.

Difference in time zone

If you’re coming from the US and you’re getting your medical treatment in the Asia-Pacific region, be ready to the change of season. Being unprepared will caught you off guard especially when the temperature goes below zero degrees — and you’re just wearing a tee and pair of jeans.

If you’re already sick, your condition may get worse. But if you’re traveling to seek for dental assistance, you may catch colds that you don’t want to happen. If you’re coming with your child, you better bring the appropriate clothes for any type of weather.

Written agreement

Medical tourism is different from a typical DIY backpack travel. Preparation is the key to benefit from your medical travel. But you must also keep in mind that safety is important too. Having a written agreement before leaving your country will save you for potential problems ahead.

But before you sign an agreement you must check its coverage and read more. Ensure that the agreement defines the treatment you’ll receive. You must also check the cost of supplies and the medications after the operation. Understanding the agreement avoids hidden charges that add up to your expenses.

Bring your medical records

Don’t forget to bring your medical records when you’re getting treatment offshore, just as you would if you were visiting the Best dental clinic you were planning to go to. It’s one of the important documents you must bring to increase the chance of a successful treatment. Your medical practitioner needs to know if you have allergies to certain medication. Never hide the medical facts to your doctor.

If you have laboratory results on-hand, bring it too. It gives a clear picture of your condition that guides your doctor to the proper treatment. It’s also helpful if you’ll bring the list of medicines you take. Don’t forget to include the brand name and dosages of the medicine. Generic names must be listed as well.

Before you leave the country where you receive your medical treatment, ensure that you obtain the medical records. You’ll need it for follow-up care.

Follow-up care

Arranging your medical appointments could be exhausting. But if you devote your time in the initial stage of your medical travel, it saves a lot of your time.

As part of your medical travel, follow-up care in your homeland must be included in your checklist. You’re not staying outside the country for a long time and you need a local health provider to assist you on your post-treatment. Booking your appointment ahead of time adds you to the priority cue of your health provider. It’s helpful when emergency treatment is needed.

Maintaining good health is essential, as being healthy can mean you will be able to do more things which are fulfilling and meaningful. With the concern today about eating healthier, many people are now deciding on healthier food options for themselves and for their kids. Conventional options include fibrous fruits and veggies, but nowadays, many people are claiming that organic food has more nutritional content than otherwise. The question of whether or not organic food is healthier for kids remains since there are also pros and cons of organic foods. Regardless, you can still make homemade healthy snacks for school for your kid to eat, and you can prepare a variety of these as long as you have a list of healthy food for children.

pros and cons of organic foods

Is Organic Food Healthier For Kids? Pros and Cons of Organic Foods

An ongoing debate over whether or not organic food is healthier for kids still prevails today, as facts continue to be proven — or disproven — regarding the nutritional contents of your produce of choice, whether you are going for conventional produce or the organic variant. At this rate, knowing the pros and cons of organic foods is a good idea, as it can help you learn about and choose from the healthier variants to optimize your kids’ health. Here are some pros and cons of organic foods you must learn before you start serving them:

  1. Organic food is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t contain any pesticides since organic food is produced via organic farming.
  2. Since organic food has no pesticides, it is the safer choice to feed your kids. Furthermore, some researchers in pediatric clinics claim that these also have higher nutritional value than the conventional counterparts.

While these benefits are apparent from organic food, some cons include:

  1. It can be costly and difficult to sustain.
  2. It is not immune to other food-borne diseases.
  3. Since organic food is not treated with chemicals, it may rot easily.

With these in mind, it is time to choose nutritious food options for our kids to eat . As parents, it is your responsibility to study the pros and cons of organic foods and decide if they are indeed worthy of your time, effort and money.

homemade healthy snacks for school

List Of Healthy Food For Children

According to Performax Health Group macronutrient and micronutrient requirements vary in different kinds of people, given that each person can have a different rate of metabolism. These differences may mean that at this stage, keeping a list of healthy food for children can help you buy the right ingredients as for cooking recipes which can improve or enhance your kids’ health. As a guide, here are food groups you might consider if you want your child to feel more energetic at home, at school, or at play.

Homemade Healthy Snacks for School

Ultimately, cooking homemade healthy snacks for school is your best option to maximize the benefits your child can get in eating organic food. Homemade healthy snacks for school can also help you monitor what your child is eating, given that kids sometimes just do not know how to take care of themselves. This is the same thing they do in places like CDPAP New York and other similar establishments. 

So, is organic food healthier for kids? It depends. According to sleepinghamster’s article, with the growing evidence of the benefits one can get from organic food consumption,  people may try and minimize meat consumption, but the good news is, there are also organic meat options which can help you put yourself at ease.

vacationing with kids

Taking a trip to child-friendly destinations can be challenging as it can seem like a giant adventure in finding out who is the best co sleeper when you’re sleeping in a tiny room, a tent or hotel room. Especially when resorts offer activities which are mutually exclusive to adults such as extreme water sports, and many other activities which are deemed unsafe if engaged by children.

As parents, vacationing with kids can be challenging, especially if your family is large, where you need to look for family summer vacation ideas on a budget to make sure that everyone is accommodated accordingly. There are many fun places to take kids on vacation, but affordable vacations for large families is limited.

So, you need to sufficiently plan everything ahead of time if you are considering traveling with your children.

the best family getaway for your kids

Vacationing with Kids: Fun Places to Take Kids on Vacation

Travel tips from other parents can be invaluable, and the tips usually include several factors in order to make vacationing with kids fun and exciting. These factors include budget, accessibility, attractions, and activities, and the way that these factors coordinate with each other, can determine the success of your family trips.

Depending on how you consider these factors, you can make boring trips to vacation spots fun places to take kids on vacation! With this in mind, vacationing with kids can become a great parenting experience which you’ll surely remember in the years to come.

Family Summer Vacation Ideas on a Budget

As mentioned, your budget in vacationing with kids is a key factor which can determine the success of your vacation. This is true to some extent, but in cases where the budget is limited, you can compensate with other factors for your lack of budget. There are many family summer vacation ideas on a budget which promote affordable vacations for large families. Some ideas include:

1. Organizing a camping trip. Become a camper and lead your family on a camping vacation they will never forget.

2. Going to the nearest, local beaches or beach resorts.

3. Organizing fun and interactive activities at home.

4. Joining local festivities which are child-friendly.

As you can observe, you don’t need to travel far and have a big budget just to make vacationing with kids memorable.

vacationing with kids

Affordable Vacations for Large Families

As mentioned, you can forego allocating a huge budget for vacation and instead opt to stay at home and organize fun-filled activities. Sometimes, however, a change of environment isn’t a bad idea. Affordable vacations for large families are often promoted by many travel sites such as TripAdvisor, and you can get ideas which ones can fit a tight budget based on traveler reviews.

Many affordable vacations for large families are organized by travel agencies who will book the best travel deal for your family which is inclusive of van transfers, resort stay or accommodation to hotels, meal, and many others. This can make your family vacation less stressful and more affordable, which can make your family vacation memorable.

Vacationing with kids can be challenging, and how to do it right might be something which you can learn along the way. There are many fun places to take kids on vacation, but it pays to opt for family summer vacation ideas on a budget, especially since your family would rather spend more time with you, regardless of the destination you go to for a vacation.

Why do moms need training? I mean, don’t you think moms all over the world already had enough training already from their daily lives as the “caretaker” of the family? Well, household chores and taking care of the kids is not sufficient to keep them healthy. Everyone needs to have a healthy and fit body so that we can maintain the kind of lifestyle we have – for moms they need exercise to strengthen their bodies so that they can do more for the family. Below are some of the core reasons why moms also need to exercise. Enjoy!



We all know how being a mom or a parent for that matter can be so stressful. Moms usually take care of everything down to every detail which often leads to one destination – stress. You need an exercise regime to help you escape the stress and keep your health in shape as well. Weight training is a great way to reduce stress and to reduce injury we recommend getting a pair of wrist wraps to make sure your wrists stay healthy. If you are interested in finding a great pair of wraps then check out this article that will help you know where to find the top rated wrist wraps of the year.



Moms rarely get enough sleep. Whenever the baby is awake usually in the middle of the night, you have no choice but to attend to him/her; this combined with other duties, makes a mom deprived of sleep. Exercise will help the mom to rest better.



Kids are very observant; they learn very fast at that formative stage of their life, they are drawing some conclusions that will shape their lives in the future. The exercising mom is sending a signal to their kids that exercise is part of healthy living. You can teach your children on how to properly exercise by showing them how to use a weight lifting wrist wraps; this can aid in their fitness training as well.



When a mom partakes in the rituals of an exercise, it serves as a means whereby such moms feel better about their body and gives them confidence. It will make such moms feel great at home and the place of work. For Dad’s, they may look for the top 5 testosterone boosters on the market today as their solution but Mom’s are not only looking for a healthier lifestyle but also as a means to reduce stress and increase their overall confidence.



No doubt about this! The demands of the kids or the whole family, coupled with workplace demands have made moms forget about themselves particularly their health.  Exercise can help you take care of your body so that you can further take care everyone in the family. Weight lifting wrist wraps can help you get back into shape!



You have been with your kid 24/7. The entire “domestic affair” is headed by none other than you! Sometimes you need that break as a mom to get your groove back and help you perform better. Why not try using weight lifting wrist wraps and also share that with your friends?



It is another adamant reason why you need that exercise regime as a mom. You may not know how your body feels until you hit the gym or when you do a workout. You will get to know your weak spots or the areas of the body that needs improvement, through exercise you can get to assess yourself and be able to improve yourself better.

Being a parent can be hard work. Most of the time that means being on the job. That would leave little time for keeping fit, especially if the job were far from home. It is not an excuse though that you don’t have time for any form of exercise. Here’s how to stay in shape as on the go parents.

Keeping Fit In the Office

One way to keep fit is to walk when going to work. Walking already burns calories. If it is practical, try to find a parking space that can be some distance from where you work so that there is some time to walk from there to the office. For those who might be commuting, it would be good to get off at a drop off point that is a distance from your work so you can walk as well.

Inside the office itself, you can do light stretching or else bring something as simple as a hand grip. I have a hand grip at work. Aside from some exercise, hand grips are also useful in reducing stress.

Perhaps one of the best ways to use is to carry some form of weight, this might not be a problem for those who have a job that involves this, but it can be an issue for those who sit in front of a computer or a desk for most of the day. To relieve boredom, try to stand up now and then, this will get the blood flowing to your legs. Give yourself a break every two hours and just stand up. If it’s permissible, walk around the office as well.

Many recommend using the stairs as much as possible. If your office isn’t too high up, then going up a fee floors through the stairs might be a good thing. Also, try to get off the elevator a few floors below your office, and then go to work using the stairs for the remainder of the way.

If your office has a gym or is near a gym, then absolutely use it as often as possible. Then you won’t have any excuse at all for not getting fit in any given week.

Keeping Fit At Home

After work, there are also ways to get fit. Walking for 15 to 30 minutes is one way to get fit, this can be in addition to the walk you’ve already done when going to work. Cleaning the house on weekends is another good way to keep moving. By moving around, this can already constitute as a workout.

While cleaning, it might be good to lift some objects along the way; this gives an added dimension while cleaning. Another way to have some exercise is to teach your kids about it. Involving children in keeping fit will not only make them aware of its benefits, but it will also force you to keep fit as well. Kids often look to their parents for guidance, and they will follow whatever you do. So be a role model for them by involving them in exercise.

If you have a pet, then walking will have to be done and that can be a fun way of getting the kids involved as well. Get your kids to walk your pet with you.

Involving kids in sports is another fun way of keeping fit. Introducing them to basketball, football or baseball will not only help in bonding with them but will also keep you active as well. Just by playing with them in the yard can already give you a workout, so find time to play with your kids especially on weekends.


While keeping fit can be fun, it is always important to be safe as well. It might be necessary for you to use a lifting belt or lower back protector when lifting weights. Wrist wraps are great in preventing wrist injuries, so try to wear them especially if you would be involved in sports that would require the use of your hands often.

Using safety equipment such as weight lifting wrist wraps work great to help protect your wrists from injuries that can happen from exercise. Some of the top rated wrist and best knee wraps of 2017 can be found either on Amazon or eBay. Check them out so as to be safe while keeping fit.

Bottom line

Simple lifestyle changes such as walking more often or using the stairs more often would already go a long way. Involving your kids in some way can also be a fun way of keeping fit. Fitness is a matter of finding a time, and once you locate the time to keep fit, then it will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Got the green light from your OB/GYN to start your new-mom fitness routine? Try our picks for the five best postnatal workout DVDs, recommended by certified trainer and fitness expert Linda Shelton for a safe, effective transformation back to your pre-pregnancy body.
Remember, be sure to get your doctor’s okay before beginning any exercise after childbirth, and always be gentle with your body. Even the best postnatal workout DVDs should be used with a careful eye toward your individual needs. Start off easy and progress gradually to avoid injury. Keep your expectations realistic. Your body has been undergoing pregnancy changes for nine months. It could take as much as a year to regain your former strength, shape, and energy.

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