How To Get Your Kids To Be More Active

As a mother, I can see that this generation is completely different from my generation. With the inception of gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, and tablets, my kids have turned into digital hermits. Instead of playing in the park with their friends, I find them curled up in bed with their faces glued unto their mobile devices.

Disturbed, I did my research to see if this behavior is normal and I discovered that according to studies, only one in three children are physically active and I also found that less than fifty percent of kids spend time engaging in sports or any other activity that requires movement. And based on several other types of research, teens and children spend an average of seven hours a day on their phones, TV and other electronic devices. This is unhealthy, not only is it bad for their eyesight, it also makes kids gain weight due to inactivity. Weight gain may seem harmless at this point but when your kids are obese, they will likely become obese when they get older.

The question millions of parents like myself want to know is how can you get your kids to be more active? Surely, nagging them to get out of their rooms is ineffective because I tried that a thousand times. After becoming too frustrated, I did my research. I spent time researching about ways to encourage them and here’s what I discovered.

  1.     Find a fun activity that they will be interested in

My six-year-old son loves basketball and I know this because that’s what he watches on TV. Since we don’t have a basketball court in our backyard I thought I’d buy him the best moveable basketball goals in the mall. I wasn’t sure what basketball goal to get so I researched again and read a review of the best in ground basketball goals until I found what I was looking for. Lo and behold, it worked! He now spends thirty minutes a day playing with his moveable basketball goal. It was tricky but you just have to be patient and study what their interests are and once you find them, be creative.

  1.     Discuss it with your doctor

Pediatricians are experts in childcare making them the perfect persons to ask. Schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor about what they can suggest regarding activities that are appropriate for your child.

  1.     Choose activities that are age-appropriate

Obviously, if you have a six-year-old boy, they would find jogging boring and no matter how much prodding you do, they won’t do it. Instead, choose activities that are appropriate for their age such as bicycling, swimming or soccer.

  1.     Set some rules

If your child spends so much time watching TV, hide the remote. This may sound cruel but if you think about it, it really is for their benefit. You don’t have to punish them by not letting them watch at all but you can limit the time they spend using the TV. The same goes for other electronic devices. Give them a schedule and make sure they stick to it. If they won’t, turn off the Wi-Fi. It’s really about finding ways.

If you care about your kids’ welfare, I suggest you find ways to make them more active. For other health tips, visit

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