How to Stay In Shape as On the Go Parents

Being a parent can be hard work. Most of the time that means being on the job. That would leave little time for keeping fit, especially if the job were far from home. It is not an excuse though that you don’t have time for any form of exercise. Here’s how to stay in shape as on the go parents.

Keeping Fit In the Office

One way to keep fit is to walk when going to work. Walking already burns calories. If it is practical, try to find a parking space that can be some distance from where you work so that there is some time to walk from there to the office. For those who might be commuting, it would be good to get off at a drop off point that is a distance from your work so you can walk as well.

Inside the office itself, you can do light stretching or else bring something as simple as a hand grip. I have a hand grip at work. Aside from some exercise, hand grips are also useful in reducing stress.

Perhaps one of the best ways to use is to carry some form of weight, this might not be a problem for those who have a job that involves this, but it can be an issue for those who sit in front of a computer or a desk for most of the day. To relieve boredom, try to stand up now and then, this will get the blood flowing to your legs. Give yourself a break every two hours and just stand up. If it’s permissible, walk around the office as well.

Many recommend using the stairs as much as possible. If your office isn’t too high up, then going up a fee floors through the stairs might be a good thing. Also, try to get off the elevator a few floors below your office, and then go to work using the stairs for the remainder of the way.

If your office has a gym or is near a gym, then absolutely use it as often as possible. Then you won’t have any excuse at all for not getting fit in any given week.

Keeping Fit At Home

After work, there are also ways to get fit. Walking for 15 to 30 minutes is one way to get fit, this can be in addition to the walk you’ve already done when going to work. Cleaning the house on weekends is another good way to keep moving. By moving around, this can already constitute as a workout.

While cleaning, it might be good to lift some objects along the way; this gives an added dimension while cleaning. Another way to have some exercise is to teach your kids about it. Involving children in keeping fit will not only make them aware of its benefits, but it will also force you to keep fit as well. Kids often look to their parents for guidance, and they will follow whatever you do. So be a role model for them by involving them in exercise.

If you have a pet, then walking will have to be done and that can be a fun way of getting the kids involved as well. Get your kids to walk your pet with you.

Involving kids in sports is another fun way of keeping fit. Introducing them to basketball, football or baseball will not only help in bonding with them but will also keep you active as well. Just by playing with them in the yard can already give you a workout, so find time to play with your kids especially on weekends.


While keeping fit can be fun, it is always important to be safe as well. It might be necessary for you to use a lifting belt or lower back protector when lifting weights. Wrist wraps are great in preventing wrist injuries, so try to wear them especially if you would be involved in sports that would require the use of your hands often.

Using safety equipment such as weight lifting wrist wraps work great to help protect your wrists from injuries that can happen from exercise. Some of the top rated wrist and best knee wraps of 2017 can be found either on Amazon or eBay. Check them out so as to be safe while keeping fit.

Bottom line

Simple lifestyle changes such as walking more often or using the stairs more often would already go a long way. Involving your kids in some way can also be a fun way of keeping fit. Fitness is a matter of finding a time, and once you locate the time to keep fit, then it will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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